Glass Bathroom Trends of 2019

Home design trends are changing and modernizing all the time, but for the most part, people want their bathrooms to feel one way: clean, bright, and airy. How can you achieve this you ask? The answer is with glass. Glass is a bathroom’s #1 ally. Whether it’s covering a bathroom wall with an oversized mirror or letting the light pour in through a custom-made window, glass can turn your regular old bathroom into an elegant addition of your home. We have narrowed down the top glass and bathroom trends of 2019 so you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Let’s get started!


If your goal is a modern, sleek bathroom, the phrase “shower curtain” should be nowhere near your thought process! Not only are they difficult to clean, but they’re usually not that great looking either. For an elegant, sophisticated looking bathroom you’ll want to go glass. You may be thinking “Glass shower doors are boring, and they all look the same.” But that could not be farther from the truth here at New Angle! Here are the types of shower doors we specialize in that are right on trend:

Frameless: Frameless glass doors will never go out of style, and not to mention, they’re incredibly easy to clean! Frameless shower doors are the ultimate minimalistic design that look great in any bathroom. They work with tub enclosures but look their absolute best when they’re paired with a completely frameless glass shower enclosure, like these ones we installed:

Grid Pattern: The next style we’re going to discuss is one that we’re really excited about and one that a lot of companies in the area aren’t doing yet! This style is called a grid pattern. A grid-patterned shower enclosure is such a unique design and will be the ultimate statement piece of your bathroom. It has the elegance of a glass shower door with a little extra style and originality. the semi-industrial look is a huge bathroom trend of 2019. Here are a few of our favorites we’ve worked on!


Windows in bathrooms tend to be a bit tricky, you want to let the natural light in, but also want privacy. Don’t worry though, there are a few ways you can achieve both:

Frosted Glass: Frosted glass is a great option if there’s not a lot of privacy outside of your bathroom. A popular option for first floor bathrooms and homes that have neighbors close by. Frosted glass lets the light in but blocks visibility, eliminating the need for any curtains!

Skylights: Bathrooms are one of the best places in the house to use skylights. They will flood every inch of your bathroom with light during the day while also giving you complete privacy! Even when it gets dark out, having your bathroom open to the beautiful night sky is quite lovely.

bathroom trends of 2019

If privacy isn’t an issue, you really can’t go wrong with any type of window in the bathroom! We’ll share a couple of our favorites though:

Over the tub: One of our favorite designs is a nice large window over a free-standing tub. There’s nothing better than unwinding in a bath while looking outside and feeling the warmth of the sun pour in. Maybe your bathroom faces your yard, a wooded area, or maybe even a body of water, a window over your tub is the perfect option!

bathroom trends of 2019

In the shower: Something that a lot of people don’t even think about doing is putting a window right in the shower! We’re not talking anything crazy, but a small eye level, casement window can make all the difference in your shower experience.  Maybe you’ll even crack it open in the summer to let some fresh air in!


In most bathrooms, you want as much mirror space as possible, but you don’t want to overdo it. It can quickly go from feeling like a nice bathroom with ample mirror space to a carnival funhouse. The first you want to consider is who will be using this bathroom, and then go from there:

Half baths/guest bathroom: In small bathrooms with heavy traffic, you don’t need much mirror space. A rectangular mirror above the sink is customary for these types of bathrooms. But what if you want a little more? This a great opportunity for a full-length mirror. You can even get a door with a full-length mirror built right into it! Your guests will like the opportunity to get a full look at themselves, and it’s always nice to have a place where you can check yourself out quickly before rushing out of the house!

bathroom trends of 2019

Master / Family Bathrooms: These places are often shared between two or more people, so you obviously want as much mirror space as possible. An oversized mirror above a sink or double vanity allows you and your partner to have plenty of space when in there at the same time. And the same thing goes for a family bathroom for your kids. Avoid the future headaches of your kids fighting over who gets to use the mirror, give them have enough space to share!

bathroom trends of 2019

We’ve gone over all the bathroom trends of 2019, and how glass can take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary, so, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 800-564-7373 to get started on your project today or request a quote online! In the meantime, click here to check out some of our past projects!

Benefits of Insulated Windows

Your windows are one of the most important parts of your home, but when cold weather hits they can sometimes become a pain. We often hear about people’s windows fogging up and letting cold drafts in during the winter, which can both be very aggravating. If your windows do either of these things, it is definitely time to make the switch to insulated windows. Unlike traditional single-paned windows, insulated windows are made with two or more panes of glass to ensure maximum protection from the outside elements. The main purpose of insulated windows is to reduce heat transfer from buildings, however there a few more great benefits that come along with them:

They keep your home comfortable

Insulated windows regulate the temperature of your home. They will put an end those uncomfortable cold drafts in the winter and keep your home warm and cozy all season long. And, winter isn’t the only time insulated windows work their magic… they are just as effective in warm weather as well! In the summer, they will keep the cool AC air trapped inside and keep steamy temperatures outside. Your home will be the perfect temperature all year round.

Outside temperatures can pass through one glass pane with no problem, the extra panes of glass in insulated windows are what makes them work so well. Additional glass panes create a stronger barrier from the outside, making it very difficult or even impossible for any air to pass through them.

Save energy & money

Even though insulated windows are a little more expensive than regular windows they will save you money in the long run by conserving energy. Insulated windows greatly reduce the amount of air that escapes from your home. Like we mentioned before, they keep the heat inside your home in cold weather, and the cold AC air inside in hot weather. This will greatly decrease your energy consumption which will furthermore decrease your energy bills! You will no longer have to spend a fortune on constantly cranking up your heater and AC units just to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Reduce noise

So, we know that insulated windows will protect your home from outside temperatures, but there is one more outdoor element that they will protect you from; noise. That extra glass pane will tone down all outside noises. Whether it’s street traffic and car horns, airplanes flying overhead, loud neighbors, or even early morning birds, your insulated windows will dull all these annoying noises and keep your home peaceful and quiet.

Clean & Clear

insulated windowsWith cold weather comes foggy windows. No matter what you do or how often you wipe them, traditional single pane windows always seem to always fog up in the winter. This fog/condensation occurs when the drastic different temperatures from the outside and inside meet at the window’s surface and cause the window to sweat, which is not a very attractive look for your home.

The multiple panes in insulated windows keep the cold air and warm air from ever meeting which puts an end to all condensation. You will have a crystal-clear view from your windows, and the outside of your home will look great too!

Insulated windows are becoming more and more popular because of their numerous benefits. If you still have old, drafty, outdated windows, let us help you out by installing some beautiful insulated windows! Give us a call at 800-642-7373 or request a quote online!

Do I Need To Repair My Chipped Windshield?

When you have a chipped windshield your first thought may be: “It’s no big deal, I don’t need to rush to get this fixed” but that is very wrong. Your windshield is designed to protect you if you are ever to get in an accident, any structural damage in the slightest can compromise that, so it’s extremely important to take care of it. Sometimes, if it’s just a small chip, you may not even have to replace the whole windshield! Just a repair could do the trick. Let’s go over a few reasons why you should never leave a chip in your windshield.

Any Damage is Not Safe

When a car gets into an accident, windshields are designed to be able to withstand a hit. The glass is designed to shatter and possibly spiderweb, but it will stay in place for the most part. If you were to get in an accident with even the smallest crack or chip already in your window, the chances of the glass exploding back into the vehicle upon impact are tremendous. A small accident can become much more dangerous than it would have been with a smooth, chip-free windshield.

They Can Only Get Worse

A chip may start out small, but it can get worse very easily.  When you turn your windshield wipers on they will push any dirt on the surface of the windshield into the chip and make it larger, or even turn the small the chip into a series of cracks. Even windshield wiper fluid can further damage it and even discolor the area around the chip.

What Kind of Chips Can Be Repaired?

Many times, a chipped windshield simply be repaired, not replaced. Location is one of the biggest factors when deciding whether a windshield needs to be repaired or replaced. If the chip is not near any of the windshield’s edges, or within the driver’s direct line of vision, a repair will work.

How Do I Get My Windshield Repaired?

chipped windshieldThere are a lot of “how to repair a chip yourself” articles out on the internet, and even though they make it seem easy, you should never attempt to do it yourself. Bringing your car to a glass technician will not only guarantee a smooth, crystal clear finish, but they can also get it done very quickly. So, how do they repair a chip?

  1. First, the technician will inspect the chip and make sure a repair is all you need. They’ll consider the size, location, and how long you’ve had it for.
  2. If they decide a repair is the right move, they will clean it and make sure there is no water or debris stuck in it that could become permanently sealed in the glass when they repair it.
  3. The chip is then filled with a special glass healing resin and sealed off with a UV lamp.

And that’s it! The process is very quick usually about 30 minutes.

If your windshield is damaged in the slightest, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. It’s a quick fix, and it’s well worth going through the little trouble of bringing it to a glass technician now, then suffering the major consequences later. If you need your windshield repaired or replaced, please come in and let us take care of it for you, or we can even come right to your home or office! Request a free detail today!

3 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger!

Close your eyes and picture your dream bathroom. You’re probably picturing an open, spacious room with a luxurious double-sink vanity, and best of all a roomy bath AND separate shower. While this scenario is extremely ideal, it cannot always be possible. Sometimes the space is simply not available and you have to work with what you’re given. We have good news for you though! We have singled out every design tip, trick, and hack that will make your small bathroom look bigger and live up to its full potential!

Color; Less is More

small bathroom look biggerWhen designing a new space it can be tempting to go crazy with an elaborate color scheme. But when it comes to colors for your bathroom, less is always more. Designers suggest choosing one color, preferably a white or light pastel, and sticking to different tones and values within that color. Too much light to dark contrast in your bathroom will make it look too busy and make it seem smaller than it is. Working with different tones within the same color family will allow the features in your bathroom to flow and work well together.  

Another color focused pro-tip is painting your ceiling the same color as your walls. This will immediately open up the room, and make the transition from wall to ceiling seamless. Same goes with the floor, choose a floor tile that is a similar color to your walls and ceiling and your space look much larger.

When you do wish to add a little color to your space stick to warm neutrals or pastel colors. A cabinet or light fixture can be the perfect spot to add a pop of color.

make small bathroom look biggerShower Enclosure

Alright, well you’re still going to have a shower enclosure, but our goal is to make your enclosure seem as open as possible! A curtain or frosted-glass shower door just adds an unnecessary visual barrier that will immediately make your space seem smaller. So trade in that curtain or frosted glass door for a crisp, clear glass door. Being able to see through the shower will open up the room, and your eye won’t stop at the door making you think the room stops there.

Another way to make your shower look like just an extension of the room is with the tiling. Continue the same tile from you are using for the bathroom floor right into the shower, and even up the walls of the shower! The smoother you can make the transitions from one area of your bathroom to the next, the better and bigger it will look!

Bright Lights

make smaller bathroom biggerWhen designing any space in your home natural light is always your best friend. However, a lot of people struggle when it comes to bringing natural light into the bathroom because it’s the place in your home that you need the most privacy. Choosing a glass with a frosted or obscure finish for your bathroom windows will allow you to get all the natural light you can, without jeopardizing your privacy! The light from outside will pour through your bathroom while also stopping anyone from seeing in or out.

Now let’s maximize that natural light… with mirrors. Adding a large mirror to your bathroom will not only reflect the natural light from your windows and bounce it to every corner of the room, but will also — let’s say it all together — make your bathroom seem bigger! Mount a large mirror wall to wall, sink to ceiling right above your vanity and you will not regret it. Mirrors can be a transformative feature in any part of your home — read more about how they can do so in our blog post 6 Ways to Transform Your Home with Custom Mirrors.


So just because you don’t have a lot of space to work with, doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream bathroom! We covered the three savviest ways to make the most of your space so just remember:

  • When it comes to color, less is more. Don’t go too crazy!
  • When it comes to walls and barriers, less is more. Let your shower be seen!
  • And finally, when it comes to light, more is more. You can never have too much of it!!

If you need any help at all in designing the bathroom of your dreams, we’re the ones to call! Any mirror, any door, any tabletop, any glass project you can think of, we are more than happy to help! So give us a call at (781) 595-5752, or visit our site to learn more about our residential glass services!

6 Ways to Transform Your Home with Custom Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for looking at your reflection anymore – decorating with custom mirrors is a contemporary trend that can spice up your home! The right mirror can change the whole aesthetic of a room. They can make a room look larger, more modern, and more open. There are so many ways to customize them too! You can change up the shape or add a funky frame to create the perfect finishing touch to a room. Here are 6 ways you can use custom mirrors to transform your home!

Double the Space

Have you ever been in a restaurant and realized that a wall of mirrors made you think that the restaurant is double the size than it actually is? Well you can do the same thing in your home! We’re not saying that you have to cover your wall floor to ceiling with mirrors but adding one large mirror to a room can create the illusion of a bigger more open space! Open-concept floorplans have become all the rage over the past few years, but it’s simply not ideal for all homes. You can use this hack to get that open-air feeling without the hassle.oversized mirror

Complete Your Corners

Everyone has that one small, dark corner of a room that they just don’t know what to do with. It would be pointless to put a table there, and it’s too small to put a couch or chair. Well a mirror can be the perfect solution. Put an oversized rectangular mirror there, and voila! Problem solved!  You don’t even have to go through the trouble of mounting it, just lean it against the walls for a chic, industrial look. Not only will you have a nice full-length mirror to look at yourself in, but it will also brighten and expand the room!

More the Merrier

Oversized mirrors are great, but they can get a little pricey. No worries though, small mirrors can be great decorations as well! Group together a few small mirrors and scatter them across a wall to make a flashy statement. You can go modern with multiple variously shaped, frameless mirrors, or go for a more vintage feel and frame your mirrors with different colors and textures. You can even add in some photos and wall art to really complete the look.

mirrorBrighten it Up

If you have a room with few windows and not a lot of natural light, a mirror can work wonders. If you are working with just one window, hang a mirror opposite of the window so the light can reflect off it and spread throughout the room. You can do the same thing if you have a hanging light or chandelier. Place a mirror on the wall right behind the light to maximize its brightness.Chandelier with mirror

Bring in Positive Energy

Mirrors are considered to be the “aspirin of Feng Shui” because they are believed to have many curing abilities and exude good energy. One reason mirrors are a staple of Feng Shui is because they can bring nature into the home. Like we mentioned before they can easily bring in natural light and spread it to places where it usually wouldn’t reach. Another way mirrors can bring nature into the home is by reflecting the beautiful views of nature. If you have a small window or door place a mirror opposite of it so it can reflect the view and be seen in other parts of the room, not just through the window or door.

Make a Statementstatement mirror above fireplace

With the right frame you can transform a simple mirror into a work of art. Hanging a mirror with a beautiful, iron designed frame above a fireplace can create the perfect focal point for a room, while also adding elegance. If a more rustic look is what you’re going for finish your mirror with an exposed wood frame to create a more cozy, natural vibe.



The ways you can decorate with custom mirrors are endless, and the best part is there is no wrong way to do it! Here at New Angle Glass we can custom make any style mirror you can think of! Just give us a call at (781) 595-5752! Or book an appointment online.

History of the Car Windshield

Over the years the car windshield has been updated and improved to protect car passengers as best as possible. However, windshields were not always a staple of vehicles like they are today. The first gas powered car was manufactured in the late 1880’s, and the first windshield was not made until about 15 years later! We will now discuss the innovative history of the car windshield, and the improvements it has undergone to become what it is today.

Motoring Clothes

As mentioned before, the very first car owners went without windshields for about 15 years! At first windshields were seen more as a luxury add-on feature for cars, and most car owners did not care to get them for their vehicles.  Without a windshield, passengers were fully exposed to the elements, and had to find a way to protect themselves from the dirt, dust and wind of the road.

This is when motoring clothes became popular. Motoring clothes usually consisted of a long jacket that would cover you from head to toe and was made of a heavy material like leather, or for colder climates fur. Passengers would also wear protective goggles and/or hats to protect their faces from outside forces as well. Motoring clothes became all the rage, some car owners would even spend as much money on their motoring clothes as they did on their cars!

Stronger Glass

By 1915 almost all major car manufactures recognized how important windshields were and began making them a standard for all cars. As windshields became more and more popular, Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, realized there was still room for improvement. Ford began making their windshields stronger by using laminated glass. Laminated glass prevents windshields from shattering easily to protect passengers in event of a crash.

Later, in the 1930s tempered glass began to replace laminated glass. Tempered glass is a thinner yet surprisingly stronger glass. Both types of glasses are still commonly used for windshields today.

Car Windshield Wipers

The safety of cars continued to increase with the invention of windshield wipers. The original windshield wiper was invented in 1903 but did not become popular until about 10 years later. People did not accept the idea of windshield wipers at first because they thought the movement would distract drivers and cause accidents, but they eventually caught on. The original windshield wiper was made from wood and rubber and was controlled manually by a lever inside the car. It wasn’t until 1922 when the first automatic windshield wiper was patented and was soon standard on all vehicles.


In 1970 it became clear that automobiles and automobile manufacturers needed set guidelines and safety standards to make the roadways as safe as possible. This was when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was formed. The NHTSA is responsible for identifying vehicle defects, setting safety standards for cars and trucks, and educating drivers to help them make safer choices when driving.

The windshield has come a long way over the years and continues to improve over time. It is one of the most important parts of your car which is why you always want to keep it in great condition! Have a crack or chip in it? Let us fix it up for you before it gets any worse! Or if you just need a good cleaning, we can help you with that too! Get a quote online or call us today at 800-642-7373!

How to Know When it’s Time for a New Windshield

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, your windshield contributes 45% of your vehicle’s structural integrity in a front-end collision. This percentage jumps up to 60% in the event of a vehicle rollover. I think it is safe to say that your vehicle’s windshield is significantly more important than you would have expected. There are two forms of windshield damage most people encounter, chips and cracks. If your vehicle has either, it is time for you to update your windshield, not only because a chip or crack can look poor, but because your safety could depend on it.

Sign #1

Your windshield has a crack. Crack’s on a windshield typically start small, but if left unattended, become a much larger and potentially more dangerous problem.  Once a crack begins growing on your windshield, it can make it challenging to see while driving, which is a danger to yourself and every other person on the road. Cracks should always be immediately taken care of, in order to provide optimum vehicular safety, in addition to maximizing your car’s structural integrity.

Sign #2

Your windshield has a chip. A chip in your windshield is an extremely common happening, due to the fact they occur when debris such as rocks hit your windshield while driving. Everyone has experience some object flying off their windshield while driving on the highway, so that should shed light as to how common this event is. Chips, much like cracks, must be addressed immediately. Often times, a chip can be repaired as opposed to replaced, but it still does not negate the fact that action should be taken to correct the problem.

Sign #3

The third sign that it’s time to replace or repair your windshield is if cold weather is approaching. Cracks and chips should be taken care of immediately, but if the weather begins to cool over, it becomes even more integral. Often times, dirt and moisture can get inside chips/cracks on your windshield which will ultimately stain your windshield when cold weather comes due to your defrosters peppering your windshield with constant air. Having to get your windshield totally replaced in the dead of winter is just about the last thing any person would want to do, so make sure you are on top of it!


Being cautious and attentive when it comes to the integrity of your windshield is one of the most important things you can do in regards to your overall safety. If you have any concerns about your windshield it’s better to be safe than sorry. Contact New Angle Glass Co. if you have any questions about your windshield, and we’d love to assist you! Contact us at 1-800-642-7373 or check out our website at! Whether it’s a damaged windshield, an updated shower door or anything in between, New Angle Glass is your one stop shop for everything glass!