Glass Bathroom Trends of 2019

Home design trends are changing and modernizing all the time, but for the most part, people want their bathrooms to feel one way: clean, bright, and airy. How can you achieve this you ask? The answer is with glass. Glass is a bathroom’s #1 ally. Whether it’s covering a bathroom wall with an oversized mirror or letting the light pour in through a custom-made window, glass can turn your regular old bathroom into an elegant addition of your home. We have narrowed down the top glass and bathroom trends of 2019 so you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Let’s get started!


If your goal is a modern, sleek bathroom, the phrase “shower curtain” should be nowhere near your thought process! Not only are they difficult to clean, but they’re usually not that great looking either. For an elegant, sophisticated looking bathroom you’ll want to go glass. You may be thinking “Glass shower doors are boring, and they all look the same.” But that could not be farther from the truth here at New Angle! Here are the types of shower doors we specialize in that are right on trend:

Frameless: Frameless glass doors will never go out of style, and not to mention, they’re incredibly easy to clean! Frameless shower doors are the ultimate minimalistic design that look great in any bathroom. They work with tub enclosures but look their absolute best when they’re paired with a completely frameless glass shower enclosure, like these ones we installed:

Grid Pattern: The next style we’re going to discuss is one that we’re really excited about and one that a lot of companies in the area aren’t doing yet! This style is called a grid pattern. A grid-patterned shower enclosure is such a unique design and will be the ultimate statement piece of your bathroom. It has the elegance of a glass shower door with a little extra style and originality. the semi-industrial look is a huge bathroom trend of 2019. Here are a few of our favorites we’ve worked on!


Windows in bathrooms tend to be a bit tricky, you want to let the natural light in, but also want privacy. Don’t worry though, there are a few ways you can achieve both:

Frosted Glass: Frosted glass is a great option if there’s not a lot of privacy outside of your bathroom. A popular option for first floor bathrooms and homes that have neighbors close by. Frosted glass lets the light in but blocks visibility, eliminating the need for any curtains!

Skylights: Bathrooms are one of the best places in the house to use skylights. They will flood every inch of your bathroom with light during the day while also giving you complete privacy! Even when it gets dark out, having your bathroom open to the beautiful night sky is quite lovely.

bathroom trends of 2019

If privacy isn’t an issue, you really can’t go wrong with any type of window in the bathroom! We’ll share a couple of our favorites though:

Over the tub: One of our favorite designs is a nice large window over a free-standing tub. There’s nothing better than unwinding in a bath while looking outside and feeling the warmth of the sun pour in. Maybe your bathroom faces your yard, a wooded area, or maybe even a body of water, a window over your tub is the perfect option!

bathroom trends of 2019

In the shower: Something that a lot of people don’t even think about doing is putting a window right in the shower! We’re not talking anything crazy, but a small eye level, casement window can make all the difference in your shower experience.  Maybe you’ll even crack it open in the summer to let some fresh air in!


In most bathrooms, you want as much mirror space as possible, but you don’t want to overdo it. It can quickly go from feeling like a nice bathroom with ample mirror space to a carnival funhouse. The first you want to consider is who will be using this bathroom, and then go from there:

Half baths/guest bathroom: In small bathrooms with heavy traffic, you don’t need much mirror space. A rectangular mirror above the sink is customary for these types of bathrooms. But what if you want a little more? This a great opportunity for a full-length mirror. You can even get a door with a full-length mirror built right into it! Your guests will like the opportunity to get a full look at themselves, and it’s always nice to have a place where you can check yourself out quickly before rushing out of the house!

bathroom trends of 2019

Master / Family Bathrooms: These places are often shared between two or more people, so you obviously want as much mirror space as possible. An oversized mirror above a sink or double vanity allows you and your partner to have plenty of space when in there at the same time. And the same thing goes for a family bathroom for your kids. Avoid the future headaches of your kids fighting over who gets to use the mirror, give them have enough space to share!

bathroom trends of 2019

We’ve gone over all the bathroom trends of 2019, and how glass can take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary, so, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 800-564-7373 to get started on your project today or request a quote online! In the meantime, click here to check out some of our past projects!