3 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger!

Close your eyes and picture your dream bathroom. You’re probably picturing an open, spacious room with a luxurious double-sink vanity, and best of all a roomy bath AND separate shower. While this scenario is extremely ideal, it cannot always be possible. Sometimes the space is simply not available and you have to work with what you’re given. We have good news for you though! We have singled out every design tip, trick, and hack that will make your small bathroom look bigger and live up to its full potential!

Color; Less is More

small bathroom look biggerWhen designing a new space it can be tempting to go crazy with an elaborate color scheme. But when it comes to colors for your bathroom, less is always more. Designers suggest choosing one color, preferably a white or light pastel, and sticking to different tones and values within that color. Too much light to dark contrast in your bathroom will make it look too busy and make it seem smaller than it is. Working with different tones within the same color family will allow the features in your bathroom to flow and work well together.  

Another color focused pro-tip is painting your ceiling the same color as your walls. This will immediately open up the room, and make the transition from wall to ceiling seamless. Same goes with the floor, choose a floor tile that is a similar color to your walls and ceiling and your space look much larger.

When you do wish to add a little color to your space stick to warm neutrals or pastel colors. A cabinet or light fixture can be the perfect spot to add a pop of color.

make small bathroom look biggerShower Enclosure

Alright, well you’re still going to have a shower enclosure, but our goal is to make your enclosure seem as open as possible! A curtain or frosted-glass shower door just adds an unnecessary visual barrier that will immediately make your space seem smaller. So trade in that curtain or frosted glass door for a crisp, clear glass door. Being able to see through the shower will open up the room, and your eye won’t stop at the door making you think the room stops there.

Another way to make your shower look like just an extension of the room is with the tiling. Continue the same tile from you are using for the bathroom floor right into the shower, and even up the walls of the shower! The smoother you can make the transitions from one area of your bathroom to the next, the better and bigger it will look!

Bright Lights

make smaller bathroom biggerWhen designing any space in your home natural light is always your best friend. However, a lot of people struggle when it comes to bringing natural light into the bathroom because it’s the place in your home that you need the most privacy. Choosing a glass with a frosted or obscure finish for your bathroom windows will allow you to get all the natural light you can, without jeopardizing your privacy! The light from outside will pour through your bathroom while also stopping anyone from seeing in or out.

Now let’s maximize that natural light… with mirrors. Adding a large mirror to your bathroom will not only reflect the natural light from your windows and bounce it to every corner of the room, but will also — let’s say it all together — make your bathroom seem bigger! Mount a large mirror wall to wall, sink to ceiling right above your vanity and you will not regret it. Mirrors can be a transformative feature in any part of your home — read more about how they can do so in our blog post 6 Ways to Transform Your Home with Custom Mirrors.


So just because you don’t have a lot of space to work with, doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream bathroom! We covered the three savviest ways to make the most of your space so just remember:

  • When it comes to color, less is more. Don’t go too crazy!
  • When it comes to walls and barriers, less is more. Let your shower be seen!
  • And finally, when it comes to light, more is more. You can never have too much of it!!

If you need any help at all in designing the bathroom of your dreams, we’re the ones to call! Any mirror, any door, any tabletop, any glass project you can think of, we are more than happy to help! So give us a call at (781) 595-5752, or visit our site to learn more about our residential glass services!