6 ways to transform your home with custom mirrors

6 Ways to Transform Your Home with Custom Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for looking at your reflection anymore – decorating with custom mirrors is a contemporary trend that can spice up your home! The right mirror can change the whole aesthetic of a room. They can make a room look larger, more modern, and more open. There are so many ways to customize them too! You can change up the shape or add a funky frame to create the perfect finishing touch to a room. Here are 6 ways you can use custom mirrors to transform your home!

Double the Space

Have you ever been in a restaurant and realized that a wall of mirrors made you think that the restaurant is double the size than it actually is? Well you can do the same thing in your home! We’re not saying that you have to cover your wall floor to ceiling with mirrors but adding one large mirror to a room can create the illusion of a bigger more open space! Open-concept floorplans have become all the rage over the past few years, but it’s simply not ideal for all homes. You can use this hack to get that open-air feeling without the hassle.oversized mirror

Complete Your Corners

Everyone has that one small, dark corner of a room that they just don’t know what to do with. It would be pointless to put a table there, and it’s too small to put a couch or chair. Well a mirror can be the perfect solution. Put an oversized rectangular mirror there, and voila! Problem solved!  You don’t even have to go through the trouble of mounting it, just lean it against the walls for a chic, industrial look. Not only will you have a nice full-length mirror to look at yourself in, but it will also brighten and expand the room!

More the Merrier

Oversized mirrors are great, but they can get a little pricey. No worries though, small mirrors can be great decorations as well! Group together a few small mirrors and scatter them across a wall to make a flashy statement. You can go modern with multiple variously shaped, frameless mirrors, or go for a more vintage feel and frame your mirrors with different colors and textures. You can even add in some photos and wall art to really complete the look.

mirrorBrighten it Up

If you have a room with few windows and not a lot of natural light, a mirror can work wonders. If you are working with just one window, hang a mirror opposite of the window so the light can reflect off it and spread throughout the room. You can do the same thing if you have a hanging light or chandelier. Place a mirror on the wall right behind the light to maximize its brightness.Chandelier with mirror

Bring in Positive Energy

Mirrors are considered to be the “aspirin of Feng Shui” because they are believed to have many curing abilities and exude good energy. One reason mirrors are a staple of Feng Shui is because they can bring nature into the home. Like we mentioned before they can easily bring in natural light and spread it to places where it usually wouldn’t reach. Another way mirrors can bring nature into the home is by reflecting the beautiful views of nature. If you have a small window or door place a mirror opposite of it so it can reflect the view and be seen in other parts of the room, not just through the window or door.

Make a Statementstatement mirror above fireplace

With the right frame you can transform a simple mirror into a work of art. Hanging a mirror with a beautiful, iron designed frame above a fireplace can create the perfect focal point for a room, while also adding elegance. If a more rustic look is what you’re going for finish your mirror with an exposed wood frame to create a more cozy, natural vibe.



The ways you can decorate with custom mirrors are endless, and the best part is there is no wrong way to do it! Here at New Angle Glass we can custom make any style mirror you can think of! Just give us a call at (781) 595-5752! Or book an appointment online.