How to Choose the Right Shower Door and Enclosures

When designing a bathroom there are endless options and styles to choose from. Choosing the right shower door and enclosure is something that can make or break the ambiance of your space. Perhaps you want a spacious, glass-walled shower to be the focal point of your bathroom, or maybe you do not have a lot of space to work with and you wish to go with a smaller, but still comfortable shower.  Either option can be a very nice addition to your bathroom if you know how to choose the right shower enclosure.

Research & Plan

The first thing you need to consider is what styles would work best for the amount of space you have. A few of the most popular shower styles are walk-in showers, shower/bathtub combination showers, or a simple shower stall design. If you are going for a modern style bathroom a glass-walled, walk-in shower is a stylish option that will give your bathroom a contemporary and open feel. If practicality is what you’re looking for, a bathtub/shower combination with a sliding door may be your best choice. If space is an issue, a shower stall with a pivot or bifold door is a very practical yet comfortable option.

Your Family’s Needs

Another important factor to consider when designing your shower is who will be using the shower. If you have young children in your family a bathtub/shower enclosure with a simple sliding door is most practical. If you have a large family and overcrowding is an issue a shower on the smaller side with a bifold door is the ultimate space saving option. If children will not be using the shower, and lack of space is not an issue a more elegant steam room style shower could be a great addition to your home. With floor to ceiling glass walls and doors you can transform your shower and bathroom into your own at-home spa.

Choosing Your Glass

One part of showers that is often overlooked is the style of glass in your shower. For bathrooms that are shared between a number of people privacy in the shower is essential. Choosing a patterned or textured glass can ensure privacy and still give you the practicality and elegance of a glass door. If privacy is not a concern and you are going for more of a modern style, clear glass is a classy choice that will let natural light into your shower and give your bathroom an open and airy feeling.

Ask a Professional

With so many different shower enclosure possibilities choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. Asking your local glass company to take a look at your space and getting their opinions and ideas can put you on the right path to building your dream bathroom. Getting a professional’s input can open your eyes to many more styles and ideas that you may not even be aware of and can give you the luxury to customize every part of your shower enclosure.


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