Bathroom and Shower Design Tips

Designing the perfect bathroom for your home can be quite the arduous and overwhelming task, due to how many elements come into play when planning. Your bathroom is a very intimate part of your home, so making sure it is well put together is an integral part of making your house a home! There are a ton of ways to approach redesigning your bathroom, and below New Angle will outline some general tips when it comes to your bathroom design, naturally focusing on the glasswork aspects!

Design Planning is Key

Outlining exactly what you plan on doing with your bathroom is the most important part of rebuilding your bathroom. A common issue we often see when working on bathrooms, is that as soon as you open the door, you see the toilet. Due to the fact bathroom doors are usually left open when unused, it is relatively unappealing to walk bye and have a toilet staring at you. A great focal point of your bathroom is the shower or tub, due to the fact they often give off a spa like feel, especially when the shower or bath are designed with glass and fit the theme of the room. Additionally, one must consider the size of their bathroom, so in addition to selecting the placement of necessities, they must also consider the strategic size of them as well. For example, if you have a smaller bathroom it may be a good idea to get a corner sink coupled with a shower, due to the fact they are less space consuming as traditional sinks and bath tubs.

Shower and Tub Details

Oftentimes, the shower or tub is going to be not only the focal point of your bathroom, but also will take up a good portion of space. It’s always a good idea pre-select your style, shower or tub. Stemming of the importance of planning, you must decide if it’s a better idea to get a narrower shower, calculating where the door will open to or a larger tub. If your shower door is to cover a bathtub as well, you may want to consider a sliding tub door or a custom glass enclosure, which optimizes space and works well with both options. Upon deciding on a shower or tub, it’s time to decide the type of glass that fulfills your needs as well as goes with the design plan you have implemented. If one of your top priorities is having shower or tub glass that allows an abundance of natural light, you may want to select a clearer glass. If privacy is what you prefer then it is important to get a textured glass that inhibits visibility.

Upgrade Your Mirror

The mirror is another vital element of the bathroom, considering they are almost universally found in bathroom’s around the world. If you are looking for a sleek design, then it would be misguided to overlook an item of your bathroom that is by far the most used. Being the center of most of the activities that take place in the bathroom, it is important to select a mirror that fits your design. Getting several smaller mirrors on two or three walls gives an impression of the room being more spacious. A large mirror gives off a grandiose design, but it is worth noting that bigger mirrors get dirty easier, so make sure you are on top of cleaning them!


When getting your bathroom designed, it’s important to make sure it has all the amenities you desire, but it’s more important to make sure it realistically fits your style and budget. If you’re working on redesigning your bathroom, don’t hesitate to contact New Angle Glass Co. for your custom glass needs! We do it all – just ask!