Vehicle Calibration & Auto Glass: Everything You Need to Know

When your vehicle comes into trouble regarding replacing glass, there can often be several hurdles that must be jumped in order to complete a reinstallation. A common issue that we run into at New Angle Glass Co, revolves around front collision warning systems and lane departure warning systems. As technology within the auto industry advances, auto glass replacement services must advance as well. With new technologies such as front collision warning systems or lane departure warning systems, replacing your auto glass can sometimes get slightly tricky due to the necessity of recalibration. Luckily, we at New Angle Auto Glass have you covered.

Front collision warning systems provide you and your vehicle with a cutting-edge preventative alert system to let you know if you are about to come into contact with something. Additionally, lane departure warning systems do the same thing, except for when you are switching lanes in high traffic driving areas. Regardless of this impressive technology, things still break. Specifically windshields, considering they often are struck by rocks, debris, and other objects that come with driving on the highway. When this unfortunate event occurs, it will undoubtedly lead to you not only having to get your windshield replaced, but also the technology in your car recalibrated.

Believe it or not, when it comes to newer model cars, windshields can very heavily integrated with the technology within your vehicle, which makes getting them replaced a little more challenging. Modern vehicles have sensors built around the windshield which detect incoming objects (front collision warning systems), as well as windows that detect traffic along the sides of your vehicle (lane departure warning systems).  When getting a replacement of your auto glass, your vehicle must be recalibrated to correlate with the new glass, or it could throw the entire system off.

If your vehicle is integrated with this new technology, you may be wondering how you should go about correcting your broken auto glass. Look no further! Here at New Angle Glass Co. we have the experience and know-how to solve all of your vehicle recalibration needs. Vehicle recalibration can be a tricky fix within the auto glass industry, but we are equipped with the proper staff and equipment to get the job done!

With vehicle technology constantly evolving and improving, New Angle Glass Co. is extremely focused on keeping up with the latest trends, in order to inform ourselves with the knowledge of fixing even the most difficult recalibrations. If your vehicle has technology such as front collision warning systems or lane departure systems and you need your auto glass replaced, New Angle Glass has solutions for you! Give us a call at 800-642-7373 or visit our website at!